The Great Caravan Adventure Begins

Our adventures in the UK took a whole new turn this weekend when we travelled to Slough to pick up our CARAVAN. We managed to pick one up on ebay for really cheap. She's 20 years old but great value for the money. The seller lives in Slough, so we decided a weekend away was just the thing to stretch our new wheels.

After a little internet research (always handy) we decided to stay in Oxfordshire...only one and a half hours from home. We found a great caravan park online and set it as our destination point. Fantastic move! The park is called Hardwick Park and is absolutely fabulous. It surrounds a beautiful lake which was covered in swans and their babies. They offer watersports during the warm season too...we saw a few people out and about on water skies on the water...very cool. The weather was quite wet...just the thing to give us a great nights' sleep. Nothing like the sound of light rain on a roof to help you have a lovely sleep. We all slept sound as babies and woke up feeling really refreshed. It will be so much easier to travel around with the caravan from now more sleeping in the! £430 very well spent!... Thanks Ebay!!!


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