Day #2 ‘We’re all going on a Summer Holiday’ – Calais to Normandy

What a perfect day! Matt was the first to wake this morning. He got quite a surprise when he went out for an early morning stroll…the Service Station car park appeared to have become a camping ground overnight…campervans here, caravans there…even a tent. Wow! I was next to stir at around 7.30 (ah, a sleep in). It was lovely and quiet as I lay there waiting for the boys to wake while I watched Matt wander around outside. After finally falling asleep last night we were awoken by a young girl screaming like she was in a horror film because here Daddy had gone outside their van (oh the joy). Once here dad settled her down we nodded off again. Poor Matt didn’t get much rest…the joy of reliving scary events over and over in your sleep.
We took our time having breakfast and a stretch before pulling up the legs on the van and heading off again in the car. We had 3 hours of driving to get through to reach Normandy. We stopped at a great truck stop about half way for a stretch, a cuppa and a game of ball before heading off for the rest of the journey.
We reached Normandy and found a great Caravan Park in Caen, where we are staying for tonight. The boys and I had a great swim in the pool at the park this afternoon before we went back to the van to cook dinner. We enjoyed a lovely dinner in the van: chicken breasts, macaroni cheese, corn & peas…oh, I do love being able to take home away with us…what a money saver! After dinner we set out for a sight see around Caen
We found a historic barracks from WWII, which was the German Strong hold used to stop the allied forces invading from the sea to take back France. Obviously, as history tells us, they failed and were finally invaded in June 1944 during the very famous Battle of Normandy. We walked around the stronghold, studying all the places where so many men died all those years ago…very eerie indeed. The boys absolutely loved it!
Next we headed for the beach, only minutes from the caravan park, and went for a sunset stroll. Though the breeze was quite cool blowing across the water, it was absolutely divine. Storm had a lovely run in the shallow water that pooled amongst the sand. She ran around like a puppy…apparently she likes the beach very much! We will have to go back down there by foot tomorrow for another play.
Once back at the caravan park we enjoyed a nice cup of hot chocolate (for the boys) and coffee (for Matt & Kez) before brushing teeth. Typically, Darian is first asleep…not until 9.30 UK time though. Sounds like a good idea Darian…time for sleep. Sweet Dreams xo.


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