Day #3 ‘The famous Bayeux Tappestry’

After a lovely breakfast of pancakes and a fresh pot of coffee (hot chocolate for the boys) we set off for a morning walk to the beach along Allee de Pins, Caen (300 meters from the caravan park). We walked through the sand and all the way down to the waters’ edge for a game of frisby catch. Storm had lots of fun playing in the water and ran around like a young pup again (just when we think she is running out of life…lol). We ran back up the beach when the tide started rushing in faster than we have ever seen before…loads of fun!

The boys made drawings and writings in the sand as we enjoyed the feel of sand under our feet. We even saw some horses with sulky’s attached go by…WOW!

Next we headed for Bayeux to stop for a look at the very famous ‘Bayeux Tappestry’ which depicts the downfall of King Harold of England, when William the Conqueror (William II of England) successfully invaded during the battle of Hastings – October 14, 1066. The tapestry was quite a sight to see. It spans an entire 70 metres in length – what a work of art!

Then it was back to the car for the next leg of our journey. We are now stopped in a truck stop/service station for the night, somewhere between Le mans and Noitt. Matt has just told me it is called ‘Angers’… no wonder I had trouble with the name…lol. Sweet Dreams Everyone!!!


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