Day #5 ‘Historical Bordeaux’

This morning we had a nice swim in the pool at the caravan park before heading off in search of the City of Bordeaux. As we drove through the streets of the city we were amazed at the character of the buildings in its back streets – many showing signs that traffic is often high through this area, covered in charcoal looking ageing. Once inside the city centre we parked the car and strolled around the streets of Bordeaux. The boys and I went for a look inside the ‘Cathedral Saint-Andre de Bordeaux’ while Matt and Storm checked out the old palace (now the Town Hall). We stopped for an ice drink (another hot day) and wandered around some more. Bordeaux is a very charming and culturally rich city – a great find!

Next it was off to the caravan park for another swim. We packed some croissants and headed off to find the nearest sandy beach…20 minutes drive away. After a massive walk up a sand hill, which threatened to never end, we finally found the beach. It was beautiful! We ate our croissants on an old log and watched the breakers come into shore as the sun almost vanished from view. This is living! The sand was squeaky and white…just like home…ahhh!!!


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