Day #6 ‘Highway trouble…almost!’

We started our day in the pool again today. It’s so warm here in France at the moment – tropical weather. Whoever would have thought? Our friends and family are freezing back home and here we are basking in the sun…not what we expected. I guess we really do take the sunshine with us when we travel…lol.
After our swim we packed the van ready to head off again today towards Spain. When we finally found Matt’s mobile (missing for a day) we found a message from his mum telling us of fires and extreme heat in Spain so we decided to re-check our route to make sure all would be ok. Fingers crossed (and prayers galore) our path seems to be fine. Fires seem to be mostly around Madrid which is not on our itinerary. After packing and checking internet updates we went for another dip in the pool to cool off before leaving for Spain in our ‘now-non-air conditioned’ car…mmm, could be warm.
…The drive to Spain wasn’t too hot. We opened the sunroof a little and put on loads of sun cream…much better. The sight of the Pyrenees Mountains greeted us as we approached Spain. We had an ‘almost major drama’ when our car started spitting out diesel just short of a toll booth. We all donned our fluro vests, put our warning triangle out and prayed for a solution. Eventually we found that it was as simple as a cap on the engine that had come off…Matty the fix it man fixed it up and all was well again. Very scary moment…especially as we were stopped on a major motor way and didn’t know if the car was going to explode or not. All is good though…prayer works!
Once we were all fixed up again we stopped up the road for an icecream and a re-check of the car before heading off towards San Sebastian for the night. About 20 minutes outside of San Sebastian we found Zarauts. Here we have found a beautiful caravan park terraced high up on the mountain with the most amazing views of the bay below…AMAZING!!! Once we unhitched the van we went for a walk to the edgoe of the caravan park for a look at the amazing views…just in time for the most breathtaking sunset…what timing!
We ate dinner of meatballs and veges when we got back to the van. The boys watched a movie while Matt and I went for a beer at the parks’ watering hold – a perfect end to another spectacular day! God is Good!


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