Day #7 ‘Hola Spain’

Today we hit the beach in Zarautz for some body boarding and a swim. The boys hired body boards and had loads of fun in the beautiful surf. It's very similar to Australian Beaches here: great waves, surfers galore and squeaky sand. Love it! The beach was filled with holiday-making families having fun in the sun and sand. Truly, a sight to behold. The amazing thing about the beaches here are the many lockers/changing tents that line the beach. Stripy colourful fabric encloses them ... so very cool! We strolled along the promenade and even bought Kerry a Spanish bracelet from one of the street sellers, before heading back to camp for lunch and a well earned nap. We are staying again for the night at Camp Zarautz as we have fallen in love with this cultural city.

After our afternoon Siesta we headed off in the car to San Sebastian. The road along the way was very similar to those around Mt Tamborine back in Australia - very windy and lush green. The only difference being that the locals here try to push you off the road when they don't like you doing the speed limit. Matt was not impressed with their eagerness to remove us from their path. They were obviously very happy to see us though- they even waved as they went past (not sure one finger is the nicest way to make someone feel welcome though)... Quite a scary ride!

Once in the city we passed through an area called Amara so we took some photos for our favourite (and only) niece. As it was, we managed to see it again and again and again as we circled this mad city looking for somewhere to park.... navigator not very helpful when roadworks and festivals are in Trying to convince the navigator that we could not go the way it wanted us to was quite an interesting argument... eventually, we won! Matt put common sense into play and found a parking spot...albeit, a 2km walk from the city centre... not sure we wore the right shoes for this today...mmm.

San Sebastian has been nominated as the 'City of Culture for 2016' and it deserves this title. It is quite a Spanish Gem...truly beautiful architecture all around. As we strolled along the beachside promenade we stopped to watch an artist who was painting landscapes on ceramic tiles (with his fingers as brushes)... truly amazing! Guess that puts a new angle to the phrase 'hand painted'.

We found a little shop selling trinkets and souvenirs... determined as we were to find a postcard to send home for Sebastian (to show him we had been to Sebastian). We bought Kerry another bracelet (2 in one day...lucky girl), Zane a necklace (with his Euros from Gammy) and a postcard...mission accomplished! What a lovely day!


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