Day #8 'Farewell Zarautz'

Today we head off again from Zarautz. We enjoyed a lovely walk in the town centre this morning and experienced shopping with the Spanish...very hurriedly! They do not wait for anyone and everyone is in such a rush...a very busy little place. The streets were crammed with meat shops, fruit shops, beading/jewellery shops and clothing shops galore.

We are currently packing up the van ready to head out again. Next stop will be somewhere between here and Barcelona...possibly Zarigoza...

This afternoon we drove through the Pyrenese Mountains. It was sooo hot...and the further inland we went, the more arid the landscape became. We couldn't believe the devistation that has been caused by the mining of these glorious mountain...they have been literally cut to pieces and are bare rock...absolutely heart-breaking. Tonight we sleep in a truck stop again...nice and cosy, though (don't know actualy location)...somewhere past Zarigoza. Tomorrow: Barcelona


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