Day #9 'Barcelona'

This morning we set off early and arrived at Camp Garrofer, Sitges (half an hour south of Barcelona by the motor way) at 10:00 (UK time). Matt and Kerry set up camp while Zane and Darian went for a swim in the pool to cool off...joined later by Kerry while Matt and Storm had a rest in the van --- the water was sooo refreshing. It was another scorching day today: mid 30's+.

After our swim we ate lunch before setting off for Barcelona. What an amazing city! The neo-Gothic buildings in the Gothic Centre of town just ooze character. We enjoyed a frozen lemoade before embarking on our foot-tour...ahhh. Hawkers lined the promenade which runs all the way from the Marina to the Beach. Darian scored a pair of sunglasses for only 3euros and Kerry got a lovely silk scarf for only 4euros...Bargain!

Zane, Darian and Kerry went for a swim in the Mediterranean Sea (so exciting)... the beach is literally part of the city's edge...WOW! It was really salty but lined with the most amazing pebbles...delightful!

We enjoyed a Spanish Dinner in an outdoor restaurant just off the main drag (Storm included). We can't remember the names of the dishes but they were lovely and oh, so spicy!


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