Rasberries in the Woods

Today we decided to take Storm for a long walk at QEII Country Park. We have been here several times now and is quickly becoming one of our favourite longer local walks (well, almost local). Imagine our surprise when we found that the woods have been partially taken over (for the summer season) with rasberries....mmmm

We all enjoyed a lovely stroll through the forest as rain threatened overhead and eventually started to drizzle. We all had rain coats so this was of no concern. Absolutely perfect weather for enjoying a walk in the woods. We sat and watched the light trying to enter in through the canopy of trees overhead as Matt and I daydreamed, storm sat by our sides and the boys explored nearby.

We stopped many times to pick fresh rasberries, even feeding some to Storm. She enjoyed them so much that she was soon stripping them off the plants all by herself... what a clever doggy she is! As she lays in her little dog bed tonight she looks completely content and tuckered out.... it's a dog's life!


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