Day #10 'Sitges...beach bums!'

Last night was interesting! We tried to sleep in the stinking heat with all the windows open...but the lot in this caravan park don't seem to know what sleep is. They partied into the morning. All around us was the sound of loud music and laughter. Once lot decided to start their loud douf douf music at 3am...hello??? The last caravan park had a 'no music' policy...definatey prefer their quiet style of

This morning we enjoyed a hot brekky in the van (not just the food - it's hot here already) then hit the pool as soon as it opened at 10:00. The people here don't seem to believe in covering up so the boys got some funny looks in their 50+spf rash shirts - have they not heard of skin cancer here yet??? HELLO!!! We have found the locals can actually be quite obnoxious...laughing at foreigners for the way they dress and speak...not nice!!!

When the pool closed we had some lunch and a small rest before heading off the find the beach of Sitges. We were not disappointed! What a beach!!! (not the Whitsundays, but still lovely). Another display of human stupidity in the form of sun exposure though...loads of topless sunbathers cooking their raisins...ouch!!! Darian was more that happy to tell us of some of the different sizes he saw. He described one lady as 'really big and floppy' and Zane was happy to add that she must have been a 'DD' at least (where do they learn this stuff???...HELP!!!).

We had a great swim in the Mediterranean again. Stormy girl sat on the beach after Matt wet her down at the outdoor shower. She seemed very content as we hit the waves...or is it the waves that hit us???...mmm. It turns out there is a major gay convention in Sitges and Barcelona that started today...some very interesting looking 'fellas' around. They are absolutely hillareous!!! (these are the absolute extreme Gays...not the regular kind we may hand around on a day to day We sure know how to time things....loving the cultural experiences!!!

Time slipped away so fast as we basked in the sun. We eventually headed back to the caravan park for a swim in the pool before dinner. Matt and Kerry then enjoyed a beer while Matt had some local olives...yum! Goodnight All!!!


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