Day #12 ‘The key to an expensive holiday’

First thing on the agenda today: find a Citroen Service Centre somewhere around Nines. A massive line of car service centres from nearly all makes of vehicles lined the roadway…we were just started to wonder if there was everything but what we were looking for when, Ta Da! There it was, up on the right…Citroen!
The workers were really helpful and 1 ½ hours and €170 later we were up and running again. As it turns out, our ignition bit the dust and we needed a new one. We wonder if this was caused by us using the spare key in the ignition and then using the original one again…won’t be doing that again! The boys were so beautifully behaved as we waited in the showroom. Not one complaint from either of them. We were so pleased that we decided a treat was needed as a reward so we bought them some take away at a fast food shop up the road. Thank you our wonderful boys!
After a couple of hours driving we found a lovely detour at Cannes (as in the Cannes Film Festival). Ferrari and Porche showrooms lined the road as we drove into town, along with many other designer model vehicles…vroom! The boys got very excited! We drove down to the ocean and Matt found a park for the car and caravan along the beach road so we could go for a swim. The beach was absolutely divine with the most perfect crystal clear azure water. WOW!!! We stopped in a fuel stop directly above Monaco for the night. There are loads of other caravans and camper vans here. Must be a popular spot. It’s not hard to see why: the views of Monaco by night are gorgeous!


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