Day #13 ‘Lock tight…mmm’

After breakfast this morning we took our coffee and hot chocolate outside to watch the views of Monaco. As we went to lock the caravan we discovered that some creton had broken our lock last night by jimmying something inside it. We thought we heard a noise at the door last night but put it down to Zane’s restless sleeping. Guess the noise was not what we had thought. NOT NICE! Now we have to somehow find somewhere to purchase a new lock today (in a country where we don’t speak the language…arghh)…..
….We drove into Italy and took the scariest ride imaginable, with a caravan, down to the beachside caravan park. The park is called ‘Helios’ and is at Camporosso. It is really dingy with very nosy locals. One lady does not seem at all happy about the owners squeezing us in – she continually points at our van and car, puts her hands in the air, and has a whinge to her neighbours (in Italian). First impressions of Italy – NOT GOOD! The housing here is packed close like sardines and lines the entire hillside. It looks very grubby – hope Rome is better! DEFINITELY ONLY ONE NIGHT HERE.
We went for a swim at the local beach, which was quite nice. The rock beach was quite pretty….Now, back over the French border to head for Monaco for the afternoon to do the tourist thing!...
…Monaco was a steep windy drive down but well worth every stomach lurch. IT IS BEAUTIFUL: regal buildings, manicured gardens and sports cars galore! Not to mention all the luxury ships in the mariner. Monte Carlo was amazing! Matt and Kerry had a look inside before Matt had a chat with a nice Aussie-Texan man after offering to photograph he and his wife in front of his Bently. The man and his wife are currently setting the record for the most world-travelled Bently in their car group back in Texas. So cool!
After exhausting ourselves exploring the fabulous streets of Monaco we headed back towards Italy and camp. We stopped along route (just before the Italian border) at another beach for Zane and Darian to have a cool down.
We love Monaco!


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