Day #15 ‘Leaning Tower of Pizza (oops, food on the brain)…Pisa’

This morning we set off into the centre of Pisa (Pise to the Italians) again…in search once more for the ‘Campo dei Miracoli’ (Field of Miracles): home to The Leaning Tower, The Cathedral and The Baptistry of Pisa. The walkway alongside the historical square was littered with tourists and souvenir stalls in a long line all the way to the tower. The architectural accident that is The Leaning Tower of Pise was quite a sight again. We took crazy pics (as you do) of us with the tower again, this time by day. There weren’t so many hawkers around at this time of day so it was nice to be able to enjoy the sights without having goods shoved in front of you and being harassed by their sellers…ahhh.

We paid €2 each to go inside the Cathedral. It was absolutely beautiful! The architecture of these buildings is amazing. So much thought and creativity under one roof…truly inspiring!
Once back at camp Zane, Darian and Kerry went for a quick swim at the beach across the road from the park while Matt packed up the van so we could head off for Rome.
Along the road we saw more Sunflower Fields…they seem to be everywhere there is an open space here and in Spain…so beautiful! We also saw many fields of topiary trees and other kinds of trees you would see in expensive resorts (obvisouly farmed this way)…wow!
Tonight we sleep in a truck stop outside Rome. It is stinking hot and Matt has spent over an hour trying to fix the towing cable (after we ran over it at Comporosso).
Good night all!


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