Day #16 ‘Rome…part #1’

The ColosseumZane and Darian admire the ColosseumPiazza della Repubblica

We got up nice and early this morning (after listening to roaring trucks all night long at the truck stop). Only a half an hour from where we slept last night was the first caravan park in our vanning guide book. After inquiring about the cost we decided to stay there for a couple of nights. It is called ‘Happy Village & Camping Roma’ and is costing us €52 a night (not bad for Rome). It is an amazing park. The boys instantly gave it a rating 5 out of 5 (probably because it has a massive pool that is open until 10 at night...yeah!). We set up camp and headed for the courtesy bus that took us to Prima Porta train station (not far from the park).
We decided to do as our guide book from Matt’s mum and dad suggested: we bought 4 ‘Daily Travel’ tickets for €4 each (no charge for Storm). So, for only €16 the five of us had unlimited travel on the trains, buses and trams (not that we saw any trams). Not too shabby! This gave us a chance to see so much more of Rome than we could have on foot or by bicycle. Thank you pink book!
During the day we saw: Piazza del Popolo; Colossea (Coliseum); Arco di Tito; Piazza delia Repubblica; Santa Maria Maggiore (church);Basillica Sanint Pietro (St. Peter’s in the Vatican); Vatican City.

St Peters Basalisc in Vatican City St Peters Altar St Peters

At 4pm we finally stopped for lunch (time certainly does fly when you're We stopped at a traditional Italian Restaurant (will put in name later). Zane and Darian ate traditional Spaghetti while Matt and Kez had Pruichetto Pizza. Storm had a bit of each. Yes, even she was allowed inside and sat happily at our feet under the table. Zane and Daz enjoyed a fanta while Matt and Kerry had their first 'Italian' cappucino....YUMMM!!! The whole meal was A-M-A...zing!
What a day! Sore feet, aching legs, buzzing brains…and feeling of wonderment. Fabulous!!! One of the hilights would have to be seeing 'The Pieta' statue by Michaelangelo in St Peters' Basalisc, Vatican City. So beautiful!
Michaelangelos Pieta


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