Day #17 'Sisteen Chappel...ahhh'

Today was a day of truly inspiring detail. They say: 'when in Rome, do as the Romans do' so we clad ourselves in sensible weather for this crazy heat and hit the streets again for some of Romes beautiful architectural wonders...First Stop: 'The museum at the Vatican'...WOW!!! Matt stayed outside with Storm, who is feeling a little sore after yesterday's walk-around, and Kerry, Zane and Darian ventured into the museum. The Sisteen Chappel is something that could never be justly described with words. We stood there, totally dumb-struck, as we stared at the magnificent work of this one room. So many artists' hands have gone into the construction of this room, including Michaelangelo (of course), his master, Raphaelo's master...and so many others. To stand before the 'Last Supper' was like nothing else. Kerry had to wipe a tear away to see the magnificent detail that lay in this age-old telling of the greatest love of all....AMAZING!!! We wandered through rooms displaying the works of Raphaelo and so many other artists that it would take so long to go on with details. It took us well over 2 hours to go through this maze of art work. It was a bit like going into an IKEA store...time just vanishes as you dreamily wander around.

Next stop...The Panthenon...then, The Trevi Fountain...via many other stops. The Vatican and Rome are filled with so many churches and historical buildings that time just does not permit a proper description at this moment...our heads are still buzzing from the constant movement and with trying to comprehend the amount of historical places we have been....ahhh! Rome is well worth every moment. We love it so much that we all made sure we threw a coing into the Trevi Fountain to ensure our return to Rome one day (as the legend goes)...Zane, Darian and Kerry even soaked their feet in it...ahhhh.

We are now back at the camp site enjoying a swim in the pool and 'happy hour' at the bar (hope the blog is A truly fantastic day!!!



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