Day #18 ‘History…uncovered: The Pompeii Journey’

WOW! WOW! WOW! This doesn’t even begin to describe what we saw today!
We set off from camp early by car in the direction of Pompeii. In a little over 2 hours (by motor way) we were there. Matt had ‘fun’ driving amongst the locals. They drive like lunatics here! Cars meandered all over the place, often taking up more than just their own lane…and apparently their indicators do not work…mmm. The boys and Kerry had a good laugh when he decided to start cursing at one driver, pretending to be a local as he threw his hands in the air and muttered unintelligible words…lol. Definitely good for a giggle: not the side of Matty we are accustomed to. VERY FUNNY!

It was really eerie to drive past what we assumed (correctly) was Mt Versuvious…brrr. Then we had to stop for an ATM. Apparently they don’t use them much here. The pink book said quite specifically that card could not be used at the ruins so we decided to be safe and get cash out first. We ended up in what could only be called ‘the seedy side of Pompeii’. Very scary place to stop (especially to get money out of a hole in the wall). We quickly got back in the car and headed off again. The roads kept sending us around in the same circle over and over. When we eventually pulled off the road a little to check the navigator a police bike pulled up alongside us. Kerry stated ‘we are lost’, batted her eyelids and said ‘Pompeii’. The officer quickly smiled and pointed us in the right direction...we thought we were going to get a ticket for stopping…phew! Feminine charm cannot be over-rated…lol.

Once on the right track we found the ruins quite easily and found a park. (and an ATM…arghh). We honestly expected to find something similar to Fishbourne Palace in England but were not prepared for the enormity of what awaited our eyes. WOW! When they say they have ‘uncovered the city of Pompeii’ they really mean it. The entire city has been uncovered, piece by piece, for all to see. You could literally walk all day and not be bored. The only thing that slowed us down was the crazy heat. Everything is so intact. Most of the walls still stand; the roads are all still there; there are mosaics; statues in their fullest; the amphitheatre is there…and so on. It is the stuff from dreams. Absolutely impossible to describe in words what is was like to walk among these ruins of so long ago…so beautifully preserved for us to experience. The detail on the few casts of discovered bodies was eerie. You could even see the hair detail of one man’s body. Zane says you could even see his clothes imprints in the plaster…unreal! Anyone who really wants to experience history should visit this if they ever have the chance. Kerry says that, in the six months of Roman History in year 12 at school, she never imagined for a second to what extreme this sight could give you goose bumps. You just can’t learn this kind of stuff from books. It needs to be experienced! We left for camp feeling hot but thoroughly fulfilled…to the extent of being numb from it all. Pompeii is amazing!!!


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