Day #21 ‘Venice to Constance, Germany…the road trip continues’

We hung around the caravan park until check-out time of 12:00 today. The rest and relaxation was nice after our big day in Venice yesterday. Then, after check-out it was back on the road and off to Germany (Deutchland). The lights on the van are all working properly now so Matt can overtake without aggravating other drivers.
The drive out of Italy was fairly simple. We had set ourselves a detour of Innsbrooke, Austria, so we had somewhere to stretch our legs. This took us off the main highway which made the rest of the days’ drive ‘interesting’. The road from Innsbrooke was quite windy. Quite interesting when you have up to 9% inclines and declines, along with windy roads, plus a caravan on the back. We followed a couple of campervans a fair leg of the way. They were taking it just as careful as us.
We hit an almost-major travel snag when we got into Germany. The highway was meant to merge with another motorway (according to the navigator) to help us on our way to lake Constance. Problem was… the road doesn’t exist properly yet. They are still building it. Not a good thing! We followed the roads around that ran in the right direction, desperate to find our way and praying that there would be an open stretch of the motorway further along. After about 20 minutes we struck gold. There it was…part of the motorway was, in fact, complete. So we joined it and continued on our path.
Stopped in a quiet rest area for the night, alongside another caravan and a truck. We got a little bit freaked out when we realised that the truck driver was watching us and the lights at the rest stop weren’t working. We slept for the night with the outside caravan light on – for a little added security. Not a great nights’ sleep due to a little bit of anxiety.


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