Matt and Kerry's 10 tips for eating out in Italy

01. Find a nice little Italian Restaurant off the main street for optimum charm
02. Ask if they allow your dog inside (if travelling with your pet)- it does happen
03. Order Proichetto Pizza - very authentic Italian
04. Order spaghetti - of course
05. Cut pizza up, then use your hands to eat it like the Italians do...when in Rome!
06. Share a long piece of spaghetti, stop when you get to the middle for a kiss
07. Order the boys a nice bowl of spaghetti each and giggle as they try to be polite
08. Make sure children have napkin tucked in to avoid
09. Tip the waiter generously ... smiles all around
10. Enjoy ... you are in Rome!!!

We chose to eat at 'Caffe e Pasticceria U. Guiliani Ricercatezze dal 1897'

Zane enjoys his slippery spaghetti Darian chows down on his spaghetti


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