Climbing Mountains..... of paperwork

Well, where to start? Tonight we started the arduous task of filling in the next lot of paperwork to extend our visas to stay here in the UK. Ironically, had we been given the full 4 year visa we originally applied and paid for (ouch) we wouldn't have to do this next stage. As Matt's original contract at his school was only until the end of January 2010 the government decided our visas would finish at that date. We still paid the full fee of £600 each but only got visas for 12 months. So now we have to pay an additional £600 for Matt and £50 each for the boys and I to extend it for the remaining 3 years we will be entitled to..... oh, the joy! So, a little advice for those wishing to follow their dreams of working overseas - get a 4 year contract so you can get a 4 year visa (and save yourselves a tonne of money).

The paperwork is crazy. 56 pages for Matt's application and 50 pages each for the remaining applications.... over 200 pages of almost complete and utter rubbish. Would love to know what they get paid in the offices that hold this kind of power of people.

Overall, though the paperwork is extremely tedious, the experience of working in this beautiful country is worth all the fuss. The things you can see ....many of which we have already... makes every step of the process worth it. Just make sure that, when you plan your own stay like ours, you gather as much info and support as you can along the way. The road to success was never completely unbarred for anybody.... though the journey is worthwhile, it is also tiring at times.

Never give up!!!


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