Halloween Fireworks!

This weekend is Halloween. To celebrate Portsmouth puts on an annual Fireworks Celebration.... so off we went for a look-see. The main display was to be at Gunwharf Quays, next to Spinnaker Tower. To avoid the usual bottle-neck of traffic that happens everytime there is a major event down in Portsmouth we decided to watch the fireworks from Portsdown Hill... which looks directly over the entire Portsmouth area.

Matt and I snuggled on a blanket on the grass while the boys sat on the park bench playing the DS's while we waited for the show. Just before it started Matt bought us all a hot chocolate from the fast food van that is usually parked up at this popular lookout. It was the most delicious hot chocolate ever... so creamy and chocolatey......mmmm. Very much enjoyed by all!

From the lookout we could see all the smaller firework displays being put on in Portsmouth. Finally the real show started. We could see all the big fireworks from where we sat - would have looked nicer up close, but very relaxed where we were. Plenty of view for photos. We all had a nice time, even Storm, so this was a great way to finish what has turned out to be a great day in the UK!


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