Time to Hit the Ice ... or avoid it if you manage to stay on your feet

Today we decided to try a little Winter Sports. One of the things we want to do around Christmas is Ice Skating in London at Hyde Park. With this in mind we decided we needed to learn how... so off to Planet Ice at Gosport we went.

We got there nice and early so that we wouldn't have to condend with too many other bodies on the ice. It cost us just over £20 for the four of us to skate for up to 6 hours, including skate hire. Awesome! Once we got our skates on it was time to hit the ice.... quite literally for the boys in the beginning.

Matt was an absolute natural...even thought it's 16 years since he and I last skated. I needed to hug the wall most of the time. Zane took only 4 laps around (and minimal stacking) before he managed to let go. He seems to be a natural and just loved the feeling of the ice under his skates. Awkwardness seemed to go out the window as he grew more and more confident. Darian took a little more convincing. After one lap he left the rink and we honestly thought that was it for him. But then he came back on within 5 minutes and didn't leave the rink again much after that point. After 2 hours he was really getting the hang of it and started to let go for small spurts. He says he absolutely loved it too. We all enjoyed a lovely hot drink in the cafe after our first hour .... then back on the ice again.

After 2 hours of skating it was time for the rink to be levelled out again. The boys were fascinated as we watched the machine level the ice. What we weren't really prepared for was the level of slip that was on the ice afterwards. It was like skating on glass. Matt toppled over then I fell on my knees trying to not do the same ... ouch! So, we all had a fall at some stage through the morning.

The boys agreed that this was a great way to spend the morning. We will definately be doing this again... hopefully a few times before we go into London for Outdoor Christmas Ice Skating... hope they have some kind of railings.

Very exciting!


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