Trick or treat!

Today is Halloween in the UK. To celebrate the boys and I donned our fancy costumes, leaving Matt at home to hand out treats, and hit the streets to try our luck at trick-or-treating. After our not-so-successful attempt last year back in Oz we weren't sure what to expect. We were in for quite a surprise.

Many of the houses in our neighbourhood have been decorated with Halloween decorations. We decided to only knock on the doors of the houses which were done up for the festivities. As we wandered around, slowly filling our pumpkin sweets holders to over-flowing, we heard fireworks being let off by the locals.... fireworks are legal in backyards here. It reminds me of fire cracker night back home when I was just a little girl. It's so nice to see the boys getting these experiences in their lives too!

We had so much fun parading around like a scary-looking bunch. The boys are tickled-pink that they had so much success this year.

Happy Halloween!


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