Cub's Leadership Course

It's so wonderful that Scouts really is a world wide organisation. I don't know any other group where you can transfer across the world.
Today, as part of becoming a seconder (and we are very proud of him) he took part in a leadership / team building course at Farithorne Manor. He had a n awesome time with all of the activities, made new friends and overcame some fears.

First was the Blind Trail. The cubs simple put on blindfolds then trekked through the forrest. Sounds easy, but after a week of non-stop rain, and only clothed in joggers, it was very wet and VERY cold. He made it through and loved it!!

After drying (at least trying to dry) his shoes and sock, he ventured to the low ropes course. A range of wire set at only a foot off the ground. The cubs had to work together to get from end to the other. After a number of falls, a bruised bum and alot of determination, he and all his new frienda made it through. The highlight was the swing across the waterhole. Unfortunately two cubs didn't make it and had to use their spare clothes. 5 foot of water in freezing temperatures didn't make for a good time.

The last of the trials was the high rope course. Starting with the plank walk between 2 towers at about 3m got their hearts racing. They then climbed to the top tower, about 4 stories high. Darian called 'I'm not doing it' from the top and it seemed as though he wouldn't. After a little encouragement he eventually overcame his fears and ventured across the walk!! He was definitely some one to be proud of! Well done Darian.


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