Day #2 Easter Saturday

This morning we woke up slowly and eased into the morning. We all slept well in the van... if you can call having a dog on top of your legs all night comfortable. Stormy Girl refused to take no for an answer and placed herself on Matts legs for the duration of the night... lucky she’s old and ill enough to get away with We enjoyed a lovely breakfast of Hot Crossed Buns, hot chocolate and coffee before setting off again. Only four hours driving today and we will be with the Barthels...yeah!!!
We stopped several times along the way to stretch our legs... even finding deer on one stop inside Germany. Matt and Darian went for a walk along the forest walk in search for more, but no luck. Not sure the deer liked the way Matt whistled at them to gain their attention...mmm. Then it was back to the car to finish our journey.
We arrived around 4pm (German time) and set up the caravan. The boys (Dads included) then went for a walk to the forest (with beer on board) to find the local kids, leaving Kerstin and Kerry to catch up over a coffee.
Tonight we all had a visit from two of Kerstin and Stefan’s friends: Urvi and Ollie. We settled in for the night with some good German beer, while the boys all had a go of arm wrestling (very funny sight). We had lots of laughs as Zane and Darian enjoyed Urvi’s company, laughing hysterically when Zane beat him at a hand wrestling match... very funny to watch! The ultimate champ of strength was Stefan, who effortlessly annihilated anyone who dared challenge him. When we all eventually went to bed it was very late. Matt was a little ‘worse for wears’ as staggered into bed, leaving Kerry to sort out the caravan as he fell in a heap on the bed in the caravan.
Hope the Easter Bunny manages to find us tonight! Sweet Dreams and Happy Easter!


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