Day #6 Wednesday - Edersee Lake and Wildlife Park

We all got out of bed nice and early today so that we could go and have a look around Edersee, about one hours’ drive from Wollrode. After a lovely breakfast of bread rolls with various toppings, hot chocolate for the boys and coffee for the adults, we headed off in the cars.
What a day! The sun was shining magnificently all day long... not what we had expected! We found a park around the Lake/Dam and went for a wander around. There was a group of kindergarten children enjoying the warm day as well. It seemed that they went everywhere we went... cute, but at times very annoying (when trying to take piccy’s anyway)... nice to see them enjoying the sun though.
After our walk around the lake we headed towards the nearby wildlife park where we enjoyed the wildlife. We set up a nice family shoot for Kerstin, Stefan and Kjell, overlooking the water and mountains. Can’t wait to see how they come up.
As we wandered around we saw a herd of deer hiding amongst the forest trees... it looked like a scene out of Bambi.......ahhh, so nice. Well mostly ... we had one buck decide that it was his job to make sure that nobody got to close to his herd... politely (if you can call it that) running at us every time we moved away from him. Or did he just not want to share the photographic spotlight with his family? Doubtful. We did, however, manage to snap loads of shots of him as he attempted, at times, to pick a fight with us. Who would have imagined that this serene animal had such an aggressive side? He really was quite adorable... in his own wild mannered way... lol.
After we finished at the wildlife park we headed back to the lake for lunch. We chose a restaurant overlooking the lake and basked in the sun as we enjoyed our German food outside. Matt, Kerry, Darian and Kerstin enjoyed some lovely baked potato with sour cream and bacon, served with chips while Zane enjoyed his schnitzel and chips, Stefan had some German soup and Kjell chowed down on some yummy chips.... delicious!!! We took our time and enjoyed our meals in the lovely sun. The meal for the Bergman’s’ share cost €40, but was worth every cent. This is living!
Today is Biggi’s birthday (neighbour across the road). So tonight there is another party in the street. More bratwurst and beer ... not for us though. We have to start our drive to Paris tomorrow, so no drinking for us tonight. Not sure our stomachs could cope with anymore beer anyway. We are not what you would call seasoned drinkers. The occasional red wine is plenty for us. We need our bodies in good shape if we are to continue to see as much of this beautiful world as possible. We are planning an early night so we are rested for the drive tomorrow. Sweet Dreams!


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