Day #7 Thursday – Germany to France

The trip from Germany to France was a very simple one. We drove around 800km today, with stops in between for stretches, food and toilets. The toilet facilities along the German motor ways are very good. You pay €0.50 to use them, but they are extremely clean ... even automatically cleaning themselves with a special turn-around seat and spray when you flush. Very hygienic! If you then buy refreshments from the service station eatery you get your €0.50 credited off your total. A great system, once you understand it!
Once we hit the French motor ways it was back to the land of tolls, tolls and yes, more tolls! Besides the obvious broken down border crossing stations you pass as you enter into France, you know you have changed countries well and truly when you come to the first toll booth...mmm. Within a few kilometres of France you are up for your first toll of €6.50, followed a little later on in the day by another toll of €20.20, followed by two more, consisting of €5.50 and €6.10. The French roads are great to drive, but they definitely come at an expense ... a big one, at that! If you are planning your own trip by road across Europe we would definitely recommend that you research the toll amounts when taking costs into account so that you do not become un-stuck as we very almost did last summer.


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