Day #8 Friday - ‘Disneyland, Paris’

Disneyland, Paris! What can we say but WOW!!!
We arrived at the caravan park nice and early after a 6:30 wake up, determined to make the most of the day and possibly make it to Disneyland today instead of tomorrow (as originally planned). We arrived at Caravanning 4 Des Vents, a camping ground just 20 minutes’ drive from Disneyland, at 8:00, only to find that reception didn’t open until 09:00. Never mind! At least we would be ready when they opened for the day. With some spare time and a PSP handy we found that the caravan park had free Wi Fi internet… so we decided to phone Matt’s mum to let her know where we were. We were very impressed with the quality of Skype on the PSP. It was just like using any other phone… so cool!
Once reception opened at 09:00 we checked in and, realising that we still had enough time, bought our Disneyland, Paris tickets as well. Our tickets set us back €190. OUCH!!! We were sure we wouldn’t be disappointed though (and we had saved up for this, so we were prepared). Next step was to drop the caravan off at our designated camping spot. Then, off we went!

The first sight to greet us as we arrived at Disneyland was the car park gates. It looked just like toll booths, complete with around 10 gates to get into the car park, which was jam packed with adventure seekers just like us. We couldn’t resist opening up the sunroof to take a photo (one of the very many advantages of our car). They hit us with a further €12 to park our car for the day… so much for free parking. Never mind… time for adventure!
Walking through the turn stiles to get into the park was like something out of a dream. As we entered we were greeted with the view of Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle as a stream of well-known and much loved Disney characters processed along Main Street. Oh, Wow! The only problem we had was deciding where to start our adventure.
The food and drink are definitely on the expensive side, but you come to expect that from Theme parks. If you choose to buy take away for a meal, we would highly recommend that you choose the busier part of the day, despite the long queues. We waited until the crowds had settled and were greeted with cold chips and crappy coffee: the only down side to our Disneyland experience.
We rode rides, watched shows, sang along to Disney tunes, cuddled characters, visited life sized replicas of popular scenes and fulfilled dreams. To put too much detail about what happens inside this amazing theme park would be to take away from the adventure that must be lived first hand… so we won’t say too much. Just that it was totally amazing and worth every single cent that it costs to truly enjoy it!!! It was wonderfully magical. For those, like us, who follow Walt Disney’s belief that ‘the dream that you wish will come true’ it is nothing short of fulfilling. What we will tell you is that if you enjoy fast, daring ride experiences you must try the ‘Space Mountain Mission II’ ride. After trying many of the fast rides Darian decided to give this one a miss. A good move! It is not for the faint hearted (which Darian seems to be), but is totally awesome!!!! We screamed our lungs out and laughed as we were hurtled through the dark on unpredictable routes. Thrilling!!!!
Dreams are real and dreaming is for those who know in their hearts that anything is possible. Our family is living proof of this. If it were not for our dreams we would not have dared to believe for a moment that we could relocate our family and go on this amazing adventure that we are still enjoying so very much.
Follow your dreams!


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