Europe Trip #3 Day #1 Good Friday– trip from UK to Belgium

Today we set off for our third trip to Europe in the last 12 months. The plan this time is to take the caravan to Germany to visit Kerstin, Stefan and Kjell in Wollrode. We will be staying with them for 5 days before heading back to France to see more of this amazing city and to visit Euro Disney... at last!
After our rocky start on our first caravan trip, last summer, we have invested in a stabiliser bar for the caravan. Fingers crossed; there will be no more wobbles this time. So, we loaded up the van, put our destination into the navigator and... Off we went!!!...
...We arrived at Dover with 3 hours to spare and, as fate would have it (again), they put us on an earlier departure so we were hours ahead of time. It definitely pays to be early. Another smooth trip on the Eurostar and we arrived safely in Calais. Matt remembered instantly to drive on the right hand side of the road... he has really gotten the knack of driving this way.
We had not gone far along the French motor way when we came to our first toll booth. We heaved a heavy sigh at this stage as we were reminded of the many tolls paid last summer when driving on the French roads. This one, surprisingly enough, was only €6.50. A big relief! With a few stops for toileting, stretching and food we drove as far as Belgium and bedded down in a truck stop, safe and sound, for a good nights’ sleep. Sweet Dreams!


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