Spring Ahead Camp - Scouts

Every year the Waterlooville District puts on a 2 night camp, full of activities. This year was spent the time at Lyon's Copse, a lovely area only 20 minutes from home.

The weather forecast for he weekend was looking bleak, heavy rain all weekend, and we were supposed to tent it for the entire weekend!?!? Luckily the weather man got it wrong (rare occurence - yeah right). It was the most perfect weather you could imagine, and better yet, the most perfect camp.

Zane had an awesome time on Saturday, keeping busy with the 12 bases available. He had a go at rifle shooting (a favourite of his!), archery, trek carting, bomb diffusion (real bomb!), earth ball football, cardboard over cooking and rock climbing. In fact, he spent the last hour climbing and abseiling the rock wall (30 meters high). 7 times he climbed up and would have gone more but they had to close it!!

By Saturday evening all the scouts were absolutely trashed, but they stil had to endure the campfire sing-a-long. This is no different anywhere in the world. Loads of fun and plenty of yelling!

On Sunday, the scouts found themselves in yet another challenge. They took part in six short activities to gain more points to see who could manage the challenges the best. by the end of it they (and the leaders of course) could not go much further. All were very exhausted, and very muddy from the weeks rain previous, and ready for home.

Wallaby (Matt) had an awesome time with all of the leaders and learnt a great deal too. Spending time with Cougar, Fox, Vixen and Otter was certainly an experience not too be missed!!


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