Day #11 Monday - Travelling again.... back in Calais!

We have had little luck getting internet successfully working while we have been away. We are currently sitting in McDonalds but connection is very limited. We leave from Calais (Storm had to have her injections here before we can go back again... so we wait) in the morning and will be back in the UK with our regular internet connection tomorrow some time. Can't wait to update you all on our latest adventures.

Once again we find that Calais has very little to offer. Unless you like noisy ferry's waiting to leave to UK and then coming in. They run all night long and are louder than a thunder storm.

We looked up things to see and to while in Calais, only to find that we have already visited the ver limited number of worthwhile things to see. It is difficult to imagine that this cold, blustery town could possibly be busstling with people in the summer months. Why?

We will be glad to see the back of it again. If it were not for Storm needed her injections to go back to the UK we would drive right past this run down, boring place. Oh, the joy! Matt did still manage to find some photographic opportunities amongst it all.... we refuse to take off those rose coloured glasses, even when there is little to really see.

The good thing about Calais is that we are always forced to relax while we wait out the two days before our departure from here... a small blessing.

Tonight... french fries from the beach (as has become our Calais tradition)... and sleep!


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