Today we headed into London Heathrow airport to collect Rosslyn (Kerry’s mother). She will be joining us on our summer adventure this year. After getting up at 04:14 and checking the flight details online we discovered the flight was running 45 minutes early. We quickly scrammed out of the house, determined not to leave her feeling stranded as she came out of customs.
Typical airline-style, the flight arrived only 15 minutes early. We arrived very early! So, the wait began. We stood at the arrivals door, holding our placard, wondering if the flight had even landed at all. Finally, after an almost 1 hour wait, the doors arrived to reveal our visitor. After some hugs we headed home, pointing out the sights as we travelled on this familiar road to our current home.
To avoid jetlag setting in we decided to take Rosslyn for a drive around Portsmouth. After a few hours of beach combing, park wandering and stopping the car for building photos (for our visitor) we headed back home for dinner and a much earned rest. Will sleep well tonight!


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