‘Hadrian’s Wall ... take #2’

This was most certainly worth a more detailed look! Last time we visited Scotland we were on a very limited time scale so only fleetingly passed through the Hadrian’s Wall area, stopping very quickly in the car park of ‘Housesteads Roman Fort’ on our way home.
This time we made certain we would have plenty of time. We headed out after breakfast, stopping firstly at one of the many viewing locations for Hadrian’s Wall. The boys, once again, loved walking along it’s top, dreaming of a time gone by when both sides would have been surrounded by enemy troops determined to conquer and protect these beautiful lands.
Next we headed back to the Roman Fort. The walk was very hilly but the weather was kind and provided us with plenty of cool air to breathe into our lungs. What a place! Definitely worth every step. We wandered around for ages, taking in the sights (and photographic opportunities... of course) and stretching our legs after yesterday’s journey.
We arrived back to camp after lunch and, after stopping for a quick bite to eat, hit the road again. Next stop: Edinburgh! About an hour out of Edinburgh we stopped at ‘Jedburgh Abbey’, another amazing structure from Mary Queen of Scots’ era. We showed our English Heritage cards to the gentleman at the counter, hoping for some kind of discount of the entry fee, to find that it was free for us to get in. Brilliant! Another example of beautiful architecture, surrounded by lush gardens, greeted us as we meandered around this partly dilapidated Abbey (another victim of the many attacks on Abbeys in the Reformation times).


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