‘The Royal City’

Today we headed in to Edinburgh to conquer the hill that leads up to Edinburgh Castle. We parked in an all-day car park that sits at the bottom of the hill. As we exited the car park we were hit with the awesome rear view of the castle. WHOAH! Certainly looked like a hefty climb. Determination on our side, we set off up the hill at a steady pace. It wasn't nearly as difficult as it looks - definitely getting fitter!

We are unsure how we managed to explore the castle in less than 2 hours last year... it took us nearly all day this time. We managed to see everything we missed last time and soak up the Scottish atmosphere. What a place.

After hours of wandering the many dungeons, halls and displays (including the Scottish Honours) we headed for a walk down Hollyrood Road (called the Royal Mile) to see what we could find in the main part of Edinburgh. It is a charismatic mix of gothic and other eras. A mish-mash of eclectic buildings and almost-modern (however rustic looking) newer additions. Mind you, these 'additions’ are probably hundreds of years old by now. Mixed with the gothic style St Giles’ Cathedral, originally built in the 1300's, they look rather new.

We wandered into St Giles’ Cathedral for a look-see. After paying the £2 fee to take photos we delighted in capturing more shots for our records. A truly magnificent structure!

Once we got back to the Caraval Club site we are staying in we had a quick dinner and then headed out for a Sunset walk along the nearby beach. We arrived just in time to see the most magical sky show as the sun went to bed for the evening... perfect timing!


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