Caravanning Capers

After a very quick pack up at Edinburgh we headed off for ‘Culloden Caravan Park’ in Inverness today... the land of Loch Ness. It is now day 5 of our Northern Adventure 2010. We fear we may have over-walked Storm yesterday on our little adventure up to the Wallace Monument. She is very wobbly today and has her head on a very strange tilt. Fingers crossed she will at least make the rest of the trip. Poor baby is showing her age today.

Along the route we stopped off at Blair Castle for a little look inside the castle. We were able to take the caravan inside the property grounds, which were adorned with beautiful greenery and forest areas. Once inside we took our time exploring the many rooms (unfortunately we were not permitted to take photos inside most of the castle). We eventually made our way to a massive hall that was adorned with animal heads from many a deer that was hunted during the castle's history. Here the boys had fun dressing up in Scottish costumes. We were allowed to take photos in the hall. Hopefully they will give some idea of the mood this amazing (but quite modern) castle emits. After a quick look around the Caslte shop, where we bought the boys some sepia ink to go with their quill pens, we grabbed a much needed coffee (and hot chocs for the boys) and headed back to the caravan for a quick lunch at our fold out table as the rain started to threaten us with its pending presence.

Next stop: Inverness.

The navigator (as usual) took us on a little side-tour on route to the caravan park. It seems to forget that we have a caravan attached and can't always navigate the roads it deems worthy. We were about half way down a lovely 'little' country road (about 5 minutes from camp) when another traveller came the other way. Matt, in his courteous manner, pulled over a little to let them pass... only to find that the edge of the road was a little softer than we expected......OOPS!!! Car with caravan + soft verge with 1 foot drop = a need for assistance. Luckily for us, the passers by stopped to help. As it turned out they knew the lovely farmer and his mate who were standing not far away (and saw the whole thing) so they all pitched in to unhitch the van and pull our car... then the van... out of the ditch. They were the loveliest folk, who thanked us for our manners (in pulling over) and apologised vehemently for the little mishap. How lucky are we???

A little shaken, but not completely rattled, we finally arrived at Colloden Caravan Park... along with the rain that finally found us. We set up the caravan in the slight drizzle and headed for the warmth of the van before heading into town for a fuel fill up and supplies.


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