It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

This week has brought some more snow for our part of the United Kingdom. We woke up yesterday to a white-covered Winter wonderland.... again!!! For an area that doesn't get much snow, Hampshire sure has seen it's fair share of it ever since we arrived back in 2009. We have had 3 periods of snow now. So exciting!!! Of course, it would be surprising if we didn't have snow at the moment. The ENTIRE UK is covered in beautiful white powder. I don't think anywhere has missed out!

We jumped on ebay last week as soon as we heard news that snow was expected again to buy a pair of plastic super sleds. They have had a good wearing in now. We have dragged them to Portsdown Hill, Portsmouth for the last two days running now. We all got a 'Snow Day' yesterday and all bar Matt had another one today. We love the snow!!!

It has made for some amazing snow photos. We have had so much fun experimenting with lighting and white balance to get the colour of the snow just right. We even took a new family portrait for a new Canvas.... so excited!!!

With rain forecast we will be sad to see our current white wash disappear. If we are lucky we will get some more again before this winter is out. Here's hoping!!!


  1. Hey crew, love all the new shots. Great to hear all is well. Best wishes Darren

  2. Thanks Darren! Hope you and yours have a great Christmas!


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