Waiting for Spring... and life to begin again!

"Signs of Spring"... Darian picked this lovely flower last week and shared it with us

It has been a very long winter here this year in the UK.  We have come to the conclusion that this is the regular UK weather and that we have indeed been very spoiled for the last two years (not to mention, given an unreal expectation of the weather situation).  It has been drizzly, wet, cold and, basically, rather depressing.  Our biggest hi-light has been booking our tickets back to Oz and the sunshine we miss so badly.

With the bulbs starting to come up in our little English Garden we are longing for Spring, which doesn't seem to be in much of a hurry this year.  The signs are all there but the sun still stays away on most days.  The other evidence that Spring is coming is the activity of the birds around us.  The red-breasted robins and blue tits are really quite amazing.  We saw one carrying a massive load of nest material up our back tree yesterday and had a bit of a giggle at his efforts.... so sweet!

According to the news we are set to get a little bit of sunshine this afternoon... here's hoping!
A tiny bird looking for food in the snow we had this winter.


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