Full Moon Rising

Like many other enthusiasts, after hearing that the moon was going to be at its fullest tonight, we decided to venture out and get some photos.  After waiting patiently (at home!!) for the moon to rise, we decide to go to Buster Hill, where light is scarce and you can see for miles.

The moon WAS SPECTACULAR!  Without a doubt, with the perfect weather, this was a sight to see.  The glowing orb was perfect as it hung in the sky.  Unfortunately, as we are in a naturally cold country, it was freezing, exactly 0 degrees.  Did we pack for this temperature?... NO.  No gloves, 2 layers of clothing and only our adrenaline to keep us warm.  And believe me, that was not enough!

After spending only 30 minutes taking photos (and watching an awesome, unexpected fireworks display!) we managed to get some great shots.  Matt and Kerry swapped lenses to ensure that we both had a chance at a close shot.  Man I wish we have 2 zoom lenses!


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