With the sun finally shining today we decided it was time to stretch our legs in the country air.  Zane is away on a camp with Scouts so it was just Matt, Darian, Storm and myself for the day.  We headed off to one of our favourite country parks, Staunton, to take Storm for a walk first.

The swans are back and definitely in the mood for romance.  They were happy for us to be there, provided we kept our distance, quickly hissing at us when we got too close for their comfort.  Daffodils and crocus are coming into bloom so everywhere there is just a hint of colour, showing that Spring is certainly on its way.

After a lovely stroll around the country park we headed across the road to the farm.  As we walked through the entrance we were greeted with a beautiful peacock who clearly mistook me for a pea-hen.  I was wearing a grey coat and crouched down low to get a photo of him with his feathers still tucked in when, all of a sudden, he walked towards me and strutted his stuff.  He spread his feathers right in front of me... grand and beautiful, as he shook them to get my attention.  I had a bit of a giggle as I continued to take full advantage of him with my camera.  Thank you my sweet feathered friend!
"Twitterpated"... my new feathered friend!

Loads of Spring babies are starting to arrive at the farm so we enjoyed seeing some baby lambs and goats.  So very cute!  We watched the bunnied frolick around in their enclosure as they too enjoyed the sunshine.   Before heading home we settled down at a picnic table to enjoy our snacks and watch the country life unfold before us.

A fun filled afternoon.  Spring is definitely near!


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