Life is full of ups and downs!

This morning we decided to head into nearby Looe for a lovely stroll along the beach there, as part of our plan for a lazy 'coastal' Sunday.  The view we got from the car yesterday left me wanting more.  Some things in life should be grabbed straight away... before they slip away.  The beautiful sunshine that greeted us yesterday was vanished ... and so was the tide!  Everywhere we looked we saw mud (where there should be water).  The wind was insane and threatened to push us over.

We decided to make the most of a bad situation and head right down to the water's edge for a little expedition.  To my delight we found some lovely little rock pools... with little urchins in them.  Zane and Darian explored around the massive rock area and even found some starfish.  We then wandered around the gorgeous little seaside village of Looe for a little while before heading back to camp.  I really wished we had stopped yesterday when we had the chance to see this sleepy little village in it's blue glory.

Not to be totally put off we headed back into Looe when the sun finally shone in the early evening.  We parked the car at the top of the town and took a lovely coastal path all the way down to the village... a mile down and worth every step.  As we approached the area where we explored this morning we gasped for two reasons:  the view was everything we had wanted this morning, and the area we had explored this morning was now completely under water.  Wow!  What a huge tide!

Now feeling quite triumphant we went for a second wander around this quaint little seaside village.  Storm stayed back in the caravan this time so we were able to really enjoy a stroll.  We sampled some local grub (more pasties...mmmm - even yummier than yesterday's) and just let our hair down as we soaked it all in.

"Ahoy there" ... many pirates have shared these waters in Cornwall

Some local children had caught some crabs and were throwing them away when we happened by ... at the same time as the local seagulls discovered this potential feast awaiting them.  We were up on a high pier and the crabs were sitting ducks (so to speak).  The birds swooped and even managed to get some 'take away' before their dinner decided it would prefer to be called 'dinner to go' ... and took off over the edge of the pier and into the water.  What a sight!  The whole scene was very reminiscent of Finding Nemo when the seagulls all yell "Mine!  Mine!  Mine!"  The boys and I had a great big giggle as we compared the two.  Got to have a giggle.

"Did I order my dinner to go? ... 'cos, there it goes"

When we'd finally had enough we climbed the 1 mile track back up to the top of the hill and headed back to camp.  A good end to a day that started out as fairly ordinary.  Tomorrow:  back to our temporary home in Hampshire.  This is the last time we are taking the caravan out.  It has been quite an adventure with our rickety old wagon, but she has managed to go the distance.  Very soon she will be listed on Ebay for 'spares or repairs' ... bless her!


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