The Long journey home!

" Sunrise in Looe"  ... © Matt Bergman 2011

After a fun game of mini golf this morning we headed back towards Hampshire.  The journey to Cornwall took only 3.5 hours so we assumed (shouldn't do that) it would take the same to get home - as suggested by the Nav Man.  WRONG!

It would appear that many of the holiday drivers going the same route as us do not know how to use a round-a-bout.  Frustration!  Instead of the traffic flowing (as is the intention of this invention) it ground to a halt every time we approached one of these structures that the residents of the UK have installed just about everywhere where lights once were.  Good things in small doses people!  This is a bit of a running joke here in the UK (as many of the 'roundabouts' are slowly converted back to lights.... usually still with the roundabout as well).  Interesting!

Consequently, the trip took us around 6 hours!  You must be kidding!  The boys were awesome!  It was just the front passengers who cramped up severely under these stressful conditions.  It has helped us make the decision that we are definitely 'over it'.  The next 3 months couldn't come quick enough now.   With no more travel on the cards between now and when we leave it is now a simple waiting game as we rest before the final leg of this huge journey!

Local trips will be minimal as we buckle down and save all our pennies for the USA trip of a lifetime.  This is to be the climax in our eventful time away from home.  Right now I look forward to returning home, selling our house, buying a smaller one close to John Paul College, setting up a successful photography business and watching our boys enjoy the rest of their years of school life at an amazing school.  No more moving for a long time after that.

Time to settle down and get our feet back on the ground!



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