There's one more Angel in Heaven!

All Dogs go to Heaven

R.I.P my beautiful angel!

We made the hardest decision anyone could make today. We went for a walk with our girl this morning in the forest to let her feel the moss and dirt beneath her paws for one last time. As we meandered through at her very slow pace a lady (whom we have never met before) met us and decided to walk with us.

As we walked the lady told us of a story identical to ours... and reassured us that we were making the right choice and that it was Storm's time to go. When we said our goodbyes to the lady and her two dogs.. we looked back and she was gone.

An angel? It's amazing how God sends you what you need... not always what you want. We begged this week for him to intercede and save us from today's arduous task. Instead he sent us an Angel to help us on our path.

Stormy Girl went peacefully just after 11am today. We held her. We cried. We are still crying. St Francis just gained another friend... and we gained another Angel.

This photo is how I will always remember her. In the days when she always had a ball in her mouth and had the mobility all dogs deserve. Such a beautiful girl!


  1. Thank you for sharing your sad moment. I remember when you brought her home. Thanks for the memories. Darren


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