Fine Fayre - Tudor Style

With today being the last part of our UK stay we decided to go for a wander around the amazingly historic area we are staying in.  Thought the motel/lodge we are staying in (Heathrow Lodge) is very standard the buildings around are nothing short of amazing.  Well worth the very reasonable lodge rates to be so close to the airport and such amazing history!

We decided to venture out to the local pub for a traditional 'English' pub meal... only to find that the pub, and most of the older buildings around here, are all from Tudor times. 'The White Horse' in Longford Village is said to have been built in 1534, originally as a smoke house.  In 1601 it became an Inn... somewhere for travellers on the Bath Road (much like ourselves) could stop for a meal.  We ate in the bar part of the Inn (as the main restaurant doesn't open until later than we were eating).  It was so charming!  The food was definitely something worth stopping for.

After our scrumptious meal we headed further down the road towards McDonalds - to get the boys an ice cream cone each while Matt and I enjoyed a cappuccino.  We then meandered back down the road, taking a walk through a little park, and watched the planes fly directly overhead, one after the other.  Will be interesting to see how much sleep we manage to get tonight as our motel is directly underneath the main flight path out of Terminal 5.

My eyelids are struggling so it must be time to get some shut-eye.  Early rise tomorrow to make sure we're on the shuttle early enough for our flight to NYC.

Sweet dreams all  xo

~ Kerry ~


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