Manly Meanderings

With the crazy busy schedule of term time almost done for the year we decided to head out for some adventuring today. The sun was shining, despite the forecast of rain, and our schedule cleared for the day so we headed off to Manly.

Our aim was to meander around the Manly crafters market. We love a good market but were a tad bit disappointed on that account. Despite all the advertising on TV these markets were rather scant of interesting (and affordable) crafty items. Bit of a fizzed for our style.

Manly itself though was quite lovely. Quiet and peaceful with a sea breeze... and lots of lovely boats out on the water. Very picturesque indeed. The boys found some washed up jelly fish too...cheeky Zane decided to throw one on Grandmas lap (she joined us for the morning) but that did not go down too Funny boy! It seems that the crabs were enjoying the fine weather too. They sunned themselves on the rocks bordering the waters edge.

A fine way to spend a Sunday morning.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


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